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Gum Disease

Gum Disease treatment in Dover from B. James Rogge, DDS

Many people suffer from some form of gum disease. According to recent estimates from the Center for Disease Control, 64.7 million Americans are affected, which is over half of all Americans 30 years of age or older. Fortunately, gum disease is treatable, often without the use of invasive procedures, especially if it’s detected and diagnosed in its earlier stages of development.

Delawareans seeking professional evaluation or treatment for gum disease can rely on the qualified team at Walker Square Dental Associates in Dover, where patients receive great care from kind and caring dental professionals. 

Evaluating Gum Disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the result of an accumulation of bacteria, plaque and tartar inside tiny pockets of space between the teeth and the gums. These pockets are called sulci (singular sulcus). An examination of the gums, also known as a periodontal examination, proceeds with the dentist or hygienist using a small periodontal probe to check for excessive recession of the gum line. 

During the examination, any soreness, bleeding or inflammation of the gums is also examined, as this too is a potential sign of gum disease. In particularly severe cases of gum disease, the tooth and the underlying bone structure may also be subject to loosening and deterioration.

The severity of gum disease is evaluated according to three tiers that denote the level of progression. The presence of “gingivitis,” the least severe manifestation of gum disease, is determined by soreness and bleeding of the gums. “Periodontitis” is diagnosed when the sulci have receded to an exceptional depth, leading to soreness, bleeding and possible bone loss. “Advanced periodontitis” is diagnosed when moderate to severe bone loss is present, and/or the teeth are at risk and have become loosened due to unhealthy gums.

Gum Disease Treatment

For patients in Dover and the surrounding Delaware area who want to be proactive with their dental and periodontal health, we recommend scheduling a check-up appointment right away. If gum disease is intercepted in the gingivitis stage, it can often be effectively treated by a series of good cleanings.

Dr. B. James Rogge uses the Waterlase all-tissue laser to treat a variety of dental conditions, including more advanced-stages of gum disease (periodontitis and advanced periodontitis). The procedure is called Waterlase deep pocket therapy, or “DPT,” which is the laser-aided removal of problematic tissue and tartar deposits that prevent the gums from attaching to the root of the tooth. During this procedure, a special Biolase attachment is used to focus the laser in the appropriate areas. In addition to laser therapy, local antibiotics, can also be used to fight infections and reduce inflammation.

Patients in the Delaware area who suffer from gum disease, as well as patients who simply want to be proactive about their oral hygiene and dental health, have a great resource available to them at Walker Square Dental in Dover. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment

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