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Missing teeth cause an array of complications, such as difficulty performing daily tasks, like eating and speaking. Moreover, patients missing teeth become susceptible to greater dental complications in the future. Dentures solve many problems associated with missing teeth, allowing patients to return to living normally and smiling beautifully.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures offer compensation for dental issues associated with missing teeth, such as changes to an individual’s appearance and decreased dental function. This long-lasting, durable dental appliance can be made to replace a few or as much as an entire arch of teeth. Partial or full dentures replace missing teeth with material made to appear like natural teeth, usually acrylic that mimics gum tissue and dental enamel.

Patients benefit from:

  • Enhanced Appearance
  • Restored Dental Function
  • Improved Speech
  • Increased Confidence

These natural-looking prosthesis acts as patients’ original dentition, providing them with benefits similar to having real teeth. Patients who visit Dr. Rogge for dentures services can enjoy custom fabrication of prosthetics that fully restore teeth.

Receiving Dentures

Patients who need dental restorations in the form of dentures can look forward to a routine procedure easily accomplished by our Dover dentist. Dr. Rogge takes precise impressions to measure the unique grooves of the patient’s smile in order to craft custom-fitted dentures specific for them.

Once the initial impressions have been taken, patients use wax try-ins to ensure final prosthetics fit perfectly. In just a few weeks, patients receive their brand new set of dentures through our dental office. Dr. Rogge will inspect the permanent dentures to guarantee patient satisfaction with fit and feel.

Dental Implants and Dentures

As an alternative to traditional dentures, Dr. James Rogge offers implant-supported dentures to greatly improve dental function by stabilizing prosthetics.

Not only do patients benefit from enhanced performance with fixed dentures, dental implants also prevent accelerated jawbone deterioration and bolster the strength of the prosthesis. Dental Implants presents a reliable option for patients looking for strong and secure full-mouth restorations.

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Don’t let missing teeth hamper your quality of life—patients in need of full-mouth restorations can visit Walker Square Dental and leave with a new reason to smile.

For more information about denture services and full-mouth restorations, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. James Rogge, visit Walker Square Dental in Dover or give us a call.

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